Pet Boarding

The Sedona Vacation for Your Pet!

We believe you should see where your pet will be spending its' time apart from you. We will be happy to show you our entire facility before your pet stays with us, feel free to ask. We want you to be comfortable with your time apart from your pet, even if just for a few hours.

We love animals and will give attention to your pets individual needs. Our staff is dedicated to your pets happiness and safety. At Bark n' Purr, your pet will be loved as one of our own.

The list below highlights some of our many features. If you would like to know more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or Contact Us.

  • Dogs and Cats
  • Cooling System for the Summers
  • In-Floor Heating for the Winter
  • Individual Run / Sleeping Area
  • Visit Neighbors, Day and Night
  • Accomidate Pet Medications

Your pet may not want to leave! (Except they love you that much..)

Shade and Warmth Inside, Fresh Air Outside

Your pet will have its' own individual bedroom inside, with shade from the summer sun, and heated floors for the winter months. Sounds great, but that is not all. Your pet can also wander to its' own individual outside run, and take in the fresh air of Sedona.

We keep our stalls clean, ensuring your pet will have full enjoyment of its' personal Sedona Oasis.

Come and Play!

Not only are we located a short walk from Sunset Park, we have our own grass play area with shade on our facility.

You are more than welcome to visit your pet during our business hours! Enjoy some time together on-site, take your pet for a walk, and enjoy your Sedona visit together!